We can love….

A few months back, we, as a race,collectively, proved that we can love! Yes, we are capable of loving.

Maggi ban shocked everyone including me.” Meri Maggi” with all the sad emoticons popped up everywhere. Food blogs, Social networking, News blogs, you name it and Maggi was the topic of discussion. Which proves we have the “miss you” emotion in us, trust me.

Then came the good news from the warfront, that our Maggi has survived the bullets and all the turmoil of the fight and come out a brave warrior 🙂

Jingles were made, Videos were recorded of how happy people are. we made sure, our beloved Maggi is welcomed back with all the arrangements. Isnt it enough to prove that we can “LOVE” ?

I believe we shouldn’t give up on ourselves and one another so easily. each one of us has a sea of good emotions within. It just takes the right stroke of words and actions to spread it. Trust your neighbor, help the man with a car break down, lend the one who is $5 short for his favourite book.

If we can love Maggi so immensely, just imagine how much love we can exchange with someone who resembles our anatomy 🙂


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