Feeling blessed with (10 friends)

While checking my Facebook newsfeed today I came across a post that read “I don’t tell my mom often how much I love her but when I do its not on facebook .  A few days back there was something online like a guy and a girl shouting out ” I love You” on a speaker .  Sometime back I saw a picture that shows a girl clicking her food before eating to post it.( Again on a social networking site ofcourse)

So? What is wrong with that?

Wont you be super happy if someone tells you in front of everyone how much he/she loves you?

Don’t you remember any prize distribution where you have credited your achievement to your Parents?

Doesn’t nostalgia strike you thinking about the childhood days when your mom used to discuss her lunch menu with Aunty in the neighbourhood? Was she showing off her culinary skills then?

Technology has brought us closer to each others’ lives in a way that is truly blessed. Today, while travelling from New York to Secaucus without my cellphone, I realized what my IPhone really does. It assures me that ” You are safe, help is just a call away”. It feels great to see how your childhood friends are doing, no matter what part of the world they are in. Social networking has brought everyone together on a laptop screen, sitting at home.

So next time you get irritated or appalled by a post that says where a person is, what is he doing and what is on his menu for dinner, deactivate your id, sell your smart phone and laptop. Then make plans and purchase tickets to visit your friends and family and know how are they doing ( If you wish to remain social)

That’s all for now readers:)

Purnima Chakraborty Saxena …..Feeling amused……. with  (Everyone around)


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