An encounter…

I was at the farmer’s market looking for brown sugar. Got a pack that said ideal for baking.

So, I  Reached the lady at the check out counter and asked her if I can use it in milk too. She was flabbergasted and reconfirmed what am I going to use that sugar in. when I repeated myself she said ” Why would you use sugar in milk, it already has sugar in it!” With this she turned to the lady at the next counter and told her that I am going to use that sugar in milk. Both of them surprised and kind of EWWW looked at me. I felt as if I asked for Marijuana in a family store. Embarrased for no reason 🙂

While returning from the store, I realized that the lady had a lean figure and the moral of the story for me was “If you avoid using sugar in milk you can remain fit” :p

Oh, I bought the sugar by the way. But every time I try adding it to the milk, the lady’s questioning face appears before me and I keep the sugar aside. Its been a while since hubby and I are having milk without sugar.

There’s no harm trying health tips that sound obviously healthy 🙂

That’s how we learn 🙂




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