Say yes to “No”

The only not very pleasant memories of relationships I have is hurting while trying not to hurt.  Everyone of us, at some point, has faced the confusion named ” how to say no”.

Read a news today. Girlfriend murders live in boyfriend of 6 years because he wasn’t earning well and she couldn’t confront him and say “No”. The risk of going to jail was easier than having to directly tell him to move on. Is saying no so difficult?

After years of pleasing people and in the process, doing what they like, I realized its not worth it! If they are your friend, they will accept you the way you are. You don’t have to eat eggs if you don’t like eggs and you don’t have to play monopoly if you prefer scrabble. Giving in to friendly demands once in a while is fine and feels good but don’t let it become a routine. Don’t live a life designed by someone else.

I love reading books, writing my blog, going for a long run, watching horror movies with husband, cooking healthy for the family. And I am proud to say that this is exactly what I do. It takes just a moment of assertiveness to set yourself free from the cage of people pleasing. Once you come out of it you will feel your breath a little lighter and your days lot more brighter.

I can guarantee you will lose a few FRIENDS in the process. But trust me, it feels amazing to drive your life and not just sulk in the backseat.


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