Endless Emotions

Sometimes, when I am with myself, on my own, I wonder, am I really alone? Is there nothing attached to my soul?

     That is when a realization hits me hard right in the centre of my heart. I am never alone, none of us are. We are all the time, surrounded, gripped, ruled, tamed, directed by an overwhelm of emotions. Sad, happy, anger, love, worry. Those are just a few.

      Emotion is the biggest gift bestowed on mankind. But as they say excess of anything is not good and a tie goes well with a collar not a sleeve. That is what holds true with the hormone signals sent to our brain. Too much of love is taken for granted, too much of anger is ignored, too much of care is looked upon as a burden and too much of worry is not good for the liver. Similarly, loving a person who isn’t even aware of your existence is no good. Hating someone who doesn’t deserve to be looked  down upon is time and health gone in vain. Worrying tirelessly for people who love to be left alone in their journey is going to increase just the number of antidepressants you take.

      When I take a close look at people around, clad in Gucci, Versace, Kenneth cole, Victoria’s Secret  from top to bottom, I notice their heart is as empty as a poor man’s bowl on a night of hunger. They are not happy. There is amiss. The music is not playing right. And what I discover is something as small as misplaced emotion. Loving the wrong person, criticizing an innocent, being jealous of a humble harry and competing with a friend is the disease everyone is caught by. How I wish there was an over the counter pill available for this discomfort.

       I cannot advise, but I can definitely tell you what have I done to make sure my emotions flow in the appropriate direction most of the time. I have stopped. I have ceased. I have let go. I have accepted. Stopped going behind shadows, ceased overthinking, let go of the people who just don’t want to dance with me, and accepted that this is how it works.

Things work a certain way and that is how they will work forever. You plucking every hair strand from your head would not make it work any other way. So, breathe deep and learn to let go.

   We cannot do much about unresponded feelings but what we can definitely do is never let anyone’s emotions go unacknowledged. That can make a change maybe 🙂


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