We have been constantly discussing about how intolerant India has become ( or should I say Indians have become). How, democracy has been fed to dogs, how choice of food is no more a matter of personal affair, how the way one dresses has become a decision of everybody but the person. You can add your observations of intolerance to the list.

Don’t you think its high time, we discuss things on a cellular level. Talking about the intolerance in the country without treating inner intolerance is a sheer wastage of your ability to judge and talk.

I think the shortest route to waving goodbye to intolerance from our country is by being tolerant. If each one of us get our patience clock serviced and back to working, I am sure the country would be more open to changes(Don’t you think so?).

Its easy to mass criticize Amir khan on his intolerance statement or for that matter it is easy to curse the government for beef ban. We are nowadays well trained in protesting, blaming, and maligning. But we forget that its we who choose the ruler and it is also we who form rallies for protesting or supporting  western wear, beef eating, love marriages, reservations etc.

Anything new introduced and we turn our crib buttons on. What did the past government do and what can the present government do is all thanks to us, the people. Its easy to design memes, complain, whine on odd even car days rule incorporated by the government. But do you have a better solution to increasing pollution?

Modi introduced cleanliness drive, and many of us I guess thought, Modi is going to clean every house, every lane, every river. We forget more than often how powerful we are together. And if we decide to be tolerant it is going to be “Hail tolerance” everywhere.

So, next time, you see a girl little beyond your definition of modern, take it easy. If you find someone eating that chicken biryani on a Saturday do not try to explain the significance of not eating Non veg on a Saturday. Listen to that music for some time before banging your neighbour’s door to turn it off. It Is okay if your daughter in law wakes up late and it is perfectly fine if she prefers a pair of Jeans over Saaree.

The day we become pro in accepting changes, our country would be more awesome than it is 🙂

So lets stop giving this word “intolerance” unwanted attention!



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