Under 18 darkness!

My morning is India’s evening. And they look like calling family in India, watching Indian news headlines and heading to the gym.

Last night before retiring, an article on my social media newsfeed reconfirmed that the Juvenile convict in Nirbhaya Gangrape  case would be set free. I still went to sleep peacefully. You must be already measuring the height of( insensitive and mean ) emotions in my confession. But let me tell you the peace was not out of my ignorance towards society but immense belief in miracles. In practical terms , I was somewhere in my heart assured that the Indian judiciary system would find a solution overnight to not let this happen. And I will wake up to ” Stay on the release of the juvenile convict in Nirbhaya gang rape case”

But Miracles don’t always turn to reality and bad things do happen to good people. What made me more restless was the confession of the police officer dealing with the juvenile. “He was not sorry for what he did in 2012 and neither is he guilty of his acts today”.

I respect the Indian judicial system. But how I wish I had a law degree so that I can comfort my aching heart with the clauses that give freedom to a criminal just because his body is not as old as atleast 18 years on this earth. Does this mean that you can go around on a crime rampage until you are not 18? Sorry if that sounds a silly question but I have few more for the people up there!

Does that mean we can teach the kids that act like a bloddthirsty witch till you turn 18 and then suddenly turn into hansel and Gretel?

Does that signal us to be scared of kids who haven’t turned 18 than the adults roaming around.

Instead of just waiting for the answers, I might as well tap on the last door.

Knock knock, the award Wapsi gang, are you alive?
The juvenile convict’s release had how many award returns can someone tell me?
Otherwise intolerant people have a big heart to accept a rapist who is not even remotely remorse back in the society!
People who had nothing but beef ban and “we are not terrorist ” in their social media wall have gone in self indused coma.
This proves that some just want things to crib about. No real problem to face, No real intention to better the surroundings they are living in. There are fights bigger than religion and Cow. I hope we all come together for them and leave the cows alone!

Lets fight for A better system in place so that a criminal doesn’t walk free on the basis of his bone age!

Such are the times you need to work harder on social platforms and do your every possible bit.


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