Resolution Revolution :)

With all the preparation for Christmas Secret Santa Party and New year party later on, “take it easy” is a distant dream. After the secret Santa mystery is solved, I am sure the next big thing would be New year resolution.

A friend of mine called me the other day, and while talking he said “why are you shrinking day by day” and I had to tell me that it is intentional. From my weight we moved on to his weight. “But your beer belly doesn’t seem to stop expanding. You got to do something about it”.

“Yes, I have to But alcohol doesn’t seem to leave me.”

Friendly pressure, Party pressure, etc , the list of excuses was long. He finally declared “We have the election result pending. If our party wins, I will drink one last time to celebrate, and if otherwise I will have a couple of bottles to mourn. ”

I was amused and astonished and did not take a second to tell him ” Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and alcohol consumption kills”  The discussion finally concluded by he making a new year resolution. No Alcohol from 1st January 2016.

This is just an incident but there are many similar conversations going on right now when I am writing this. As the end of year approaches, we start consoling ourselves. Whatever happened has happened, New year would be new me. We cover ourselves in the blanket of Resolution, which most of us throw away on the 2nd of January or by the end of January. You get nothing to guess that resolutions alone are momentary comfort. Fulfilling them is a journey to Mars. I always wanted to start a healthy eating for the family. And started doing it from December. A month before New year. So that by January, I would already be going smooth with it. And it really worked for me. Start your resolution before the 1st of the year and it is definitely going to stay. That is my experience. My blog writing too didn’t wait for ” New  Year New Beginning” song.

So, you may want to smash that Cigarette in the Ash tray, drop that burger and pick your fruit, empty all the ” Royal Chivas”  in the sink, get your 45 minutes daily workout started., start being nice to people before the New Year.




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