Secret Santa :)

Christmas always meant celebration, cookies and cakes. And Playing Secret Santa to someone brought a superhero kind of a feeling. I always made sure I played a good Santa. Always got the best suitable gift for the name in my chit. And was always equally lucky in receiving.

But as years passed by, realization hit me, hit me really hard. You don’t have to wait for Christmas to spread happiness, you need not wear red and white to fulfil wishes.

Sometimes, we just lose the battle with self centered us and think about nothing but us. My family should get the best seat in the bus, My Pet owns the entire park, My mobile needs that charging point more than the one with just 1% battery left, My house needs luxury renovation every year doesn’t matter others have a shelter or not, My car needs the shade parking so what if I never planted a tree.

I remember being told a tale where the lady says ” why do we need to fight for people who aren’t present here!” I hope someone told the lady that she too wouldn’t be cared about once she leaves the clan.

People do not fancy fighting for someone who is not related to them or their purpose. That is not my business is the obvious attitude.

And then I read things like “Help others” “Be Kind” on their social networking sites!

Are we addicted to acting good? Are we addicted to shedding tears for someone whose hunger stricken picture is posted online and hurting people who are around us? We are so good in defending Amir Khan, Questioning the Indian Law on Salman’s release , Organising Candle Marches. But we are too busy to defend a guy downstairs who is bullied by a group of Autorickshaw drivers over not paying anything more than the meter.

The day we start caring about someone beside us, there won’t be heart wrenching stories of the poor or miserable for us to forward. I have nothing against online sympathy , But don’t you think helping someone directly instead of waiting to read his story of suffering online would be less consuming?

You have ample of scope to be a secret Santa everyday. And if we do that bit, maybe next year Santa Claus would have less tasks to finish 🙂


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