Dear 2015 :)

You were as kind to me as you could have been!

I grew a year older and learnt hell lot of things with every day of your book. Lot of things I have about you to gossip, trust me 😉 I celebrated my 7th Valentine’s day, 30th birthday and 3rd wedding Anniversary, all of them remarkable.

Husband has been as kind and loving as he always had been. Life is just becoming prettier with him. So that way you have been nothing less than 2012, 2013, 2014. My parents and Sister were the next leading contestants of the year in my life, as always. I thank God for the moments I spent with family. The neighbours were generous.

You showed me how it feels to move in a foreign land. It was the height of mixed feelings. There was excitement and happiness of experiencing another part of the earth but there was also a stabbing pain to leave the people I love. Got a bunch of friends here. Things are better now, they had to be , because you never stopped. You kept rolling.

I have seen highs in the form of starting a blog, moving to the US, losing a little fat, learning Zumba.

The lows also followed closely with 2 endoscopies and a lesson that not everyone will love you and treasure you the way you keep them at the top in life.

The Moral of every story was the same, “Be kind, there are battles to be fought and all need not necessarily be at the battlefield”

But dear 2015,  You made me a very strong person! This is something I will always be thankful to you for. You taught me that it is ok to move on and let certain people go. Not because you don’t care but because they don’t. You gave me the happy realization that thinking good about people can sometimes give you a bad name. And you also made sure I learn that some people never change! If someone has decided to destroy themselves they will. You don’t have to feel guilty about everyone’s suffering.

Passing through all these testing times and I am alive! So that is something to celebrate. The world will name me ” greedier than the owner of the hen who laid golden eggs” if I ask more.

We as a country grew leaps and bounds in your time. Modi made sure India is recognized internationally, the army, navy and Air force made sure she is looked upon as a well guarded and strong Nation and we made sure we treat her well.

So, here is a short farewell to the kind 2015 that you are. I hope you update 2016 with how you have handled me. Hope you leave your blessings and lessons forever with me because I would pick the old calendar every now and then to relive you 🙂

Bye Bye 2015 🙂



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