An open letter to the Terrorists!

I am starting this letter without addressing you, because you don’t have a shape, size, religion, address, title. You don’t even have the guts to roam around in your original self. Come announced some day and I dare you to harm a single soul of this planet!

But you are too coward to do that!  Sometimes you come as guest of a greedy,sometimes you simply come with lot of fear but so called bravery and this time you took help of our Army uniforms . No matter how you come, you are hidden under a pile of cartons , in the corner of a ship, behind trees, or taking advantage of the dark. So, I believe you are nowhere even close to the brave hearts who take your bullets on chest and not back.

Do you think you are brave?

I don’t even have to answer it.

Are you following commandments of your God?

Better kill yourself, reach Him and get the answer!

Is your stupidity weakening us?

You wish!

Have we got plans to listen to you?

Not until you drop the gun and surrender!

I am sure, in the self induced horrible conditions that you live in, education and sanity is a distant dream. I wont be surprised if you are looking for someone (who is literate but not educated) to read this for you! You have weapons to fight but you never get success. Because the God that you fight in the name of has long back abandoned your soul! A 1 year old boy kissing his parents and smiling has done more than you would be doing in a lifetime.

The Pathankot attack was a revenge for your friends who were hanged and see that is where we sent your mates!

We lost 6 jewels this time but the entire nation is celebrating their bravery and bidding them farewell with heavy hearts. And your Parents, wherever they are, must be praying for a shameful end for you everyday.

You can never ever break the spirit of a nation! Any nation! Every attack has resulted in cleansing up of the entire terrorist group or a few of them running away. None says ” and the terrorist ruled the country ever after”!

So, stop dreaming and doing ill and start acting Humane! Your fight is against the entire world, every human of every continent, that’s a crazy number to think of! How many are you?

Forget the number, lets talk about strength!

Killing innocent students in the school, targeting unaware tourists , opening fire on people in Church is nothing but cowardice! All this actually exposes your helplessness. It shows how desperately you are seeking attention!

You are so lonely and so miserable. I pity you, the entire world pities you. But we will never spare you! You are an area we are the globe. You are hidden and we are everywhere! You are a handful and we are ? Do I have to tell you?







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