Competition, Comparison, Contentment!

A  ” What is the plan over the weekend?”

B  “Nothing, would just be lazying around.”

A  “Ok, we are headed to the famous Statue of Liberty.”

B  “Oh wow, we have already been there last year”

A  “O Ok, we were too busy exploring the west coast last year”

B  “West coast is struck off our bucket list 2 years back.”

A  “Oh 2 years back We were busy visiting places in India, afterall, our country is nothing less of a beauty.”

In day to day life, I often come across people, who listen to answer and not understand. If someone has bought the latest phone, I would love to know its features from the one who actually owns it rather than bragging about my internet fed half knowledge about it. But that is the most difficult task for human beings who feel they are not less than anyone around. You will realise that 90% of the talks turn into “who knows better” games. And this is kind of tiresome and irritating.

Who is the culprit?

We! Everyone of us is to be blamed. Society is such that we tend to ape one another. And in the quest to prove ourselves the best, we end up feeling miserable. A wife nagging her husband to take her to the restaurant right opposite to the famous waterfront,just because one of her friends has been there last week, is the beginning of trouble. If your weekend plans start becoming a quest to compare, you will never be happy. It is good to explore places or things suggested by friends and family, but building your days around “doing everything that others have done” is outright crazy. The number of unhappy people is increasing at a rate as high as population growth. And the reason is simple, Comparing your lives to another.

Trying to become what someone else is, and in the process dumping your hard earned, unique self will never get you famous. Being in a garden and sulking about the fact that you are not at the happening party your friend is at, is wastage of your time at the garden. Enjoy where you are, live the life that you have built for yourself. There will always be someone better than you, there will always be someone having a better profile picture or better weekend plans. But that does not make you any less. Go to a disc because you love dancing , not just because your friend has been there last night.


Life becomes very easy and worth enjoying once you start making plans for yourself. Comparison and competition are not synonyms to Contentment. They don’t even rhyme. So what is the point of doing the first two in a hope to get the third.

My pledge for life is ” I am not going to run around and exhaust myself visiting the places i have no interest in, buying the gadgets I don’t need or wearing the dress I don’t feel comfortable in, Just because someone else has done that.”


One thought on “Competition, Comparison, Contentment!

  1. I love the way you write. Such honesty. Although I am amazed cos I thought when some one really grows up, they leave their apism behind. But I think we cannot blame us humans to have this tendency to always try to be the “better one”. This is how we are genetically predisposed to as per Charles Darwin who proposed the theory of natural selection and claimed the “survival of the fittest” . I think it is about that ! All in All, great post !


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