The death Dimension!

January of 2016 has been ok so far. OK because if there were highs, a couple of lows followed quickly.

Since the time I have moved to the US, talks with everyone in the Indian neighborhood has become limited to once or maximum twice a week (with an exception of family and few friends). So, a ‘Hi’ from one such neighbours, filled me with unknown fear. After the usual “How are you” stuff, she messaged me the unexpected. One of the other neighbors’ husband has passed away. Oh my God, I was so sure that something was not right and here the news was, staring at me.

He was a young, 33 year old father of an infant. So soon? Taken in the cruelest way. Why? How will God justify this?

On the other hand, read about a teenage swimmer, who killed herself fearing low grades.

Some end their precious life and some are robbed off this priced possession.

There are so many, old, bedridden, in pain and agony, wishing nothing but death. And then there are the ones, young, with a long life ahead, eyes full of dreams and shoulders weighed with responsibilities. If you and I had to decide, we will set the suffering souls free. But God decides otherwise. I wonder, what is his way of deciding the end. what is the criteria, that puts an abrupt end to a life that so much deserved to live.

I remember, a few years ago, one of my friends’ younger sister passed away after a long battle with cancer. So beautiful, so young, taken so soon. What was her purpose? Why was she even sent to this world?


Strange are God’s ways. “Strange” that is all I can call it. Because God cannot be mean and unfair. That is what we have grown up believing. We cannot question the almighty, because whatever he does, does for good. Atleast that is what the experienced tell us.

I have always had a sensitive attachment to the dead. “How would have they felt in the last moments” “Who would have they called for” “Are they still around” “Where are they right now”. I am sure there are many who constantly think about the soul’s whereabouts. The answer to all this lies at the end of the tunnel. I guess, we have to reach there to know what is happening. So, overthinking is useless.

But, cutting short a healthy and happy life and leaving the sick to suffer is something I do not understand!


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