Is the world mean?

You would be pondering hard about this and if not much of a patient being, you would have already concluded in agreement.

Yes, the world, can get really mean. And by really I genuinely mean serious real. And we witness it quite often. “People are so mean nowadays” we crib and join the league by being bad ourselves.

Back bitten by a friend or acquaintance and a common friend listens to both of you with diplomacy at guard, Getting a compliment filled with sarcasm while or you deserved was words full of praises, getting well treated when you are useful and trashed after being fully utilised. Does your life rhyme with any or many of these? We are all in a constant battle with our egos. And to fulfill its inappropriate diet, we prey on one another. So much so that some people start doubting their parents or spouses of hidden motives. And it is possible. You got to understand that every friend of yours, every neighbor you have and everyone who calls himself/herself a family to you, has a life to lead. And in a zest to make it worthwhile, they end up trying to steal your sugar to make their pies.

Each one of us has faced this revelation. The emotions are still vivid like it happened at 12 today. You were left in disbelief, shock and helplessness! But as you pass the initial betrayal you start getting comfortable with it. “I knew this would happen” becomes your line of defense. And one fine day you end up turning into an empty shoe box that once carried a die for gucci shoes. No pain, no happiness and no expectation.

My question is does this have an end? No, I don’t think it does. Not at least in my life span. They might develop a technology later to control human emotions and have a red button for jealousy, complex, selfishness etc. And that is the only hope I am living on to. How I wish I took up some scientist course in college, I would have started working on it.

But what we can definitely do is try and tame these negative vibes. Shut them off before they start singing their anthem!



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