Mask Please!

-18 degrees around had made me lethargic, lost and lazy.So much so that I lost the count of days of missed workout and gained pounds. Anyway, finally I picked my laptop, dusted it and started thinking about words to start a nice, funny blogpost. It is time since I wrote something. And friends have been calling through to check what is going on. Nothing to worry about, just wanted to spend some days doing nothing but snacking and watching horror on Netflix.

While I was confused about what to write, should it be JNU mess, The recent bollywood breakups or something else, the doorbell rang at the top of its voice. “Argh, who is it? They said no one drops in unannounced in the US!”

The next moment I was on my sofa with Mrs Patel, one of the acquaintances. She drove 50 miles to personally invite me for a Skiing trip. I have zero interest in strapping my feet to those heavy metals and walking like a duck. A duck who is scared of falling and breaking her legs.  “Oh, that is so sweet of you Aunty, I am super excited. Glad you invited me”

What did I just do? One moment I was so damn irritated by the door bell and the very next moment I am hosting with a smile. Skiing and me are MTV and discovery yet I sounded so much “looking forward to it”. Was that a mask I put up? A mask to hide my inconvenience, my “not interested in skiing and super terrified of it” genes. A mask to send aunty happy. But this mask is acceptable in the society. Infact it is essential you have it for the smooth functioning of “Social Picture”.

There are masks, uglier than this. Masks that everyone puts up and plays the music without an iota of remorse or shame.



Some masks, occasionally, are good. But using the ones you can live without, the ones that cause pain to you or someone else is not very cool. I am sure you would agree to have done things just because someone else would be happy. I do it too, but I am not an addict! Many of us hate to drink but put a mask of so much loving the recently launched cocktail. Just to look well informed and modern. Not only this,there are  many who talk about how having a girl is the ultimate blessing to mankind whereas in reality they wish “Not a girl this time”.

I am friendly as a human being but the concept of hating someone so much that all you talk is ill about them, but managing to come across as the only well wisher is far from my understanding. How do people do it?

People witness the wrong, they talk about it over dinner at home, but they have no idea about it in public. What kind of a mask is it? Why is it needed? Why can’t the face skin be given rest by unmasking it. It will detox the soul too. If someone is looking fat in a dress, someone is looking fat. Why a mask of “O wow, you look stunning” You could have helped her by giving your honest opinion.

If you do not like something you are into, you do not like it. There cannot be an alternate meaning to it. Why do you need to mask it with “Oh that is fine”. If you feel like puking at the sight of some Pork Tenderloin, you just have to say it. If you a Non Vegetarian, that is you, don’t try to sound like a pure, distilled vegetarian. People should love you with your chicken wings. Don’t hide your love for daily soaps thinking it would make you look so womanish. Well, that is what you are. A woman. Please don’t gossip about a singer’s dance just because others chose to ignore his talent.

So, there are many masks you can give up and clean your closet. The mask of being extra sweet, vegetarian, know it all, I am with you etc.

Once you get rid of them, you would be glad to notice how beautiful you are without masks. Pure you. You will no longer be one amongst the high risk population of saying Pasta while meaning french fries. And then, the people who you have around, are the ones. Grab them and treasure them. Maskless you with Maskless them 🙂




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