The protesting Punks!

“Check with Bhaiya, how was his visa interview.” I said while in a hurry to get breakfast on the table. “He couldn’t reach the embassy because of the JAT outrage!”

Then I see few of my friends looking for a travel partner to have a safe journey in and out of Delhi and UP. I had been overlooking or you can say ignoring this topic for a long time simply because I didn’t want to give them an undeserved attention or end up playing the blame game. But the matter seems to be getting worse and ‘protestors’ need to behave themselves. I guess these are the ones who, as kids used to lie down on roads and wail so that Mom buys the toffee they have been eying(eyeing)! Not even the parents realised. when this individual performance of embarrassing them turned into an act of public threat!

In my opinion, Protests to free the country or kill hooliganism is heroic. But roaming around as hooligans for personal gains is terrorism! Half of such protestors are people who just need a punching bag to take all sorts of frustrations off. And they unfortunately select the nation! And the other half are attention seekers who want to make headlines on their favourite news channel.

JNU students want to protest against hanging of a terrorist, the jats want to protest against not getting a “better backward” status and we want to blame the government, our history and everything in the world but ourselves for this!
Watched a clip of the JNU protest and the so called ‘krantikaris’ are smiling and don’t appear to be even knowing what they are there for. All they made sure is look at the camera!

The next thing that worries me is our definition of being “LIBERAL”! History is nonsense, our culture is nonsense, my life my rules, damage the world because my wishes are not fulfilled is outright foolishness termed Liberalism!

Right to speech doesn’t give you the right to insult, neither does democracy mean “Will do what I want to”!
Let’s Protest, burn down the public properties make the world unsafe for others and we will get what we want. That is not a trend we want to set! And that is not going to happen. While I thought this, something struck me. What are our respected Prime Minister’s thoughts on this? And the best way to confirm was his official social page. I was super glad to see, that all it talked about is growth and good things. I don’t think it is being irresponsible or deaf towards the country’s voice. It is doing what will serve the nation. After All you have to ignore the tears of your spoilt kid to pass that spoonful of bitter medicine down his throat!

P.S Excuse me and my column if you are too liberal to be responsible and too modern to be well mannered 🙂



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