Tips to use Facebook as a peacemaker!

” Oh the Las Vegas trip was amazing” I chuckled.

” Yes, your pictures on facebook says it ”

I am really indebted to the collective effort of so many human brains that has made us so reachable to one another  inspite of the otherwise busy lives most of us lead. Facebook is a saviour. The satisfaction of “I know what they are upto these days”, the happiness of all the likes and comments, it is all so precious. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg withdraws his creation! Ah, cannot even think about that.

Everyone has a right to be complimented for their successes and supported in times of trial. This is a thumbrule of any social networking site. Apart from this there are a few more dos and don’ts that, if taken care of, can make you a boon to the facebook world.


  • Use Emoticons 🙂                                                                                                                                   download                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Imagine someone congratulating or complimenting  you without an expression or laughing at your joke like just an emotionless “hahaha”. That would be so weird. Hence in virtual world too, there are Emoticons!  You might as well want to Use them next time you write something 🙂
  •   Don’t be rude                                                                                                                                          3303077_f520                                                         Being unkind is never the kind of attitude you should bet on. It is never appreciated. So, next time if you find a post that is east to the west of your beliefs, discuss your thoughts if you have to but do not attack someone with rude words. Afterall, it’s their wall and their beliefs.


  • Respect People’s Privacy                                                                                                                  images

There are certain posts your friends share, tagging their friends and relatives. I am sure we like some of them so much that we hit the ‘share’ button without a second of thinking. It is not at all a good idea to do that as sharing posts directly means sharing their loved ones’ and their profiles too. Next time take their permission or just copy and paste the article with proper credits.


  • Don’t be on a tagging spree                                                                                                            images

Nothing is more irritating than visiting a friend’s profile to see what THEY are upto and crossing 20 posts each of either a ‘trying to be cool dude with goggles’ or something else before you find one post of the profile owner. It looks like a messed up table. Let’s not tag someone in a photo you clicked on YOUR amazing trip to Timbaktoo. Facebook has an option to regulate tags. We can use them to keep our profile protected from Tag trauma.


  •  Judge less enjoy more                                                                                                                      download

Sharing your achievements on facebook is a way of sharing your happiness with friends and family you can’t meet everyday. It is a human trait to talk about the good things in your life.  Avoid judging people as showoffs just because they shared a selfie with their new car or a picture holding their new Michael Kors bag. Or you are simply jealous of their happiness, are you?


  • Send them compliments and chocolates but no GAME REQUESTS                                    wqe90w

Asking for life ends up in a game request to friends who don’t even play. It is disheartening when she posts a beautiful selfie and notification shows a game request instead of a like on her picture. So do a favour, try and keep your facebook account away from games and send requests to virtual people in your game world than your friends who love you. Alternatively, you can go in settings and block such requests.


   These are a few tips you might find useful. May you and facebook live happily ever after 🙂

Disclaimer: Pictures used in the article are not the writer’s property but are taken from the internet.


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