Negativity Addicted!

Is negativity an organ in disguise? Like heart, lungs, kidneys or maybe the Gall bladder.

Tell people you are super happy and they won’t have much to ask. “Oh wow Congratulations” “That’s great news” or at the most “Many more to come”.

I mean what is up with all of us? We are so fond of complains, cribs and cries that we can pay to watch them. Don’t believe me? Ok, let’s give you proofs.

I recently broke up with a friend for some unreasonable behaviour of hers. Next day she is at my place, with zero guilt of what she said but lots and lots of family screwups that LED her to be rude. I would have stood by her in these times of trial, but wouldn’t it be a better idea to start the conversation with owning up her mistakes.. Sympathy never leads to forgiveness.

Every day lakhs of people crib about the politicians, the cricket, the prohibition of entries in temples. And then there are double the number, supporting and shouting. Does it even reach anywhere? I mean it is easy to curse the politicians sitting at home. Try and do something for the country to prove your patriotism. But that is not what is popular. Making a story filled with pain and injustice sells better than “the country that respects its caretakers and grows happily ever after”!

We need that “masala” all the time. And hardly does our eyes see the good and our mind and tongue start vandalising it! But every revolt does not turn into revolution!

Kate Middleton’s Marilyn Monroe moment overshadowed her visit to pay respect to the monument of Indian Martyrs of World War I.

Her not so curvy body and the dresses she wore has more to talk about than what has she done during her stay in India.

I mean, seriously? Is that even a news? But still people write it because we read and have the ‘ha ho’ moment. Do not blame journalism if all you love to see is how the father of the dead reacted and how the 5 year old was molested!

I would be preaching if I start giving ways to avoid negativity, but I won’t mind saying that The Royal couple visiting India is a real honour to me. There is no harm in watching a documentary of Indian growth once in a while. And I hate using my adversities for manipulation.

We can seriously have a long discussion on a friend’s new house, which will definitely have a better effect on our hormones than flooding a colleague that missed a promotion with advises. How good it will be if we get more attracted to the colony where harmony and love resides!


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